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Wi-Fire SDCARD mapping




I have a couple of your Wi-Fire RevB modules - excellent boards so far !!.


I have done very little with them yet - waiting for Microchips Harmony to 'settle' - its now usable - at V1.03.01 ;-).


I have a basic config in and at least running - I can send data out of UART ports so far.


So - I now started mapping the IO pins so that I can add my own chips on an add-on board, and the first problem I hit is trying to map your on-board SDCARD :-(.


Your spec says that I can drive it with an SPI - which is what I want to do, BUT it also says that SDI3 needs to be connected to pin C4 (CPU pin 9). BUT - this is NOT a remappable pin for this CPU, which can be allocated to SPI3 :-(.


I assume that you will fix this in a Rev C board soon ????. If so - what pin will you allocate - so that I can cut & strap my board accordingly - and also avoid using this pin for any other interface :-O.


NB I am trying to create a manufacturable 'product' for a client using this module and an add-on board (for custom hardware extension).


Many Thanks - hopefully ;-).


Best Regards




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I lost an afternoon to this same issue -- it's still easy to get MOSI and MISO mixed up.

Did you get the SD Card to work?  I have a rev. C Wi-Fire board and can only get 0xFF from the card (using Harmony 1.06, MPLAB X IDE v3.10).  Thanks for any pointers on this.

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