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We've been deliberating what projects to implement in our homeschool classes to make good use of the our Discovery 2 kit. And I began to wonder if there were any walk-through type exercises that our children could follow and learn on electrical circuits using diligent products? 

PS. our children range from ages 7 - 17 


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Hi @JohnBee,

The only lessons we have are Here which is a link to our Real Analog - Circuits 1 which does a good job of explaining circuits and lab work. Unfortunately this is geared towards late high school to college aged people. Here is the resource page for the Analog Discovery 2  which has some tutorials and example projects. Here is the resource page for the software Waveforms 2015.  You might be able to find some useful projects on the Digilent Makerspace Blog as well here

thank you,


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