Suggested update to Cmod A7 (v2)

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Hi all and Digilent representatives!

I am a "long" user of the Cmod A7 and am quite pleased with it, except for the choice of SRAM.
And on the side I have been playing with another RAM that is easy to use, delivers better performance (about 200 MB/s for the 3.3v version), and more space (8Mbyes) which would be a really nice update to the Cmod-A7.
The new "HyperRAM" ( is like a combination between DDR and SRAM, this blog post describes quite nicely (with later posts showing implementation):

What is Digilent's view/thoughts on the usage of HyperRAM instead of the (aging) SRAM?
A quick check seems to suggest that it is about half the price of the SRAM currently used as well. :)

I hope for a fruitful discussion. Best regards!

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I'm not privy to any internal Digilent discussions, but I'm going to wager that those answers are not going to be shared/published.  As it is, you may notice that Digilent says nothing about new products they might market until after they are ready for market.  This is a business decision, and appears to be designed to help Digilent maintain a competitive edge.  I'll let them prove me wrong, but my guess is that you  won't hear much more from them.


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