From the MYRio connector A, i am using the following pins 1,6,11,2,27,30,31, (maybe more soon)


What connections match these on the MXP BREADBOARD if I connect it directly to MYRio (connector block A)

Like pin 27 for example, where is this pin on the MXP BREADBOARD.


I got it working the way i wanted, but i need to tidy up the wiring, thats why i want to connect the MXP breadboard to myrio, but the pins dont match the pin-outs on connector A.

Like there are pins 0-15 on the MPX board, what connections do these match up to the myrio





Inline image 2Inline image 1

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Hi @Medtronic,

Unfortunately, I would not have any information on the pin out of the MYRio and how it translates to the MXP BREADBOARD. I would suggest to contact NI here

thank you,


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