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I'm working on a project where I need the Zedboard to send data to the computer as well as receive data from the computer through USB 2.0 connection.
I found some forum questions online regarding a similar thing but I don't think it's exactly what I want.
I saw many solutions online using a peripheral USB controller for FPGAs in general but I assume you don't need any external devices with the zedboard.
So for my end goal I should be able to send a number to the PC from the Zedboard and receive a 1 if, for example, the number is bigger than 10 and a 0 if the number is smaller.

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Hi @CrazyTown,

You can use embedded linux,like petalinux here , to use the USB OTG. Or you can use the zynq processor to use the usb uart. The getting started with zynq here walks you through setting up a basic project with buttons,led's and switches and uses the UART to send some information about the buttons. If you use the Zynq processor through vivado then once you have gone through the tutorial you can look through the example code provided in the SDK to facilitate transmit and receive with the UART. Here and here is more information i found with a little research.



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