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Zynq Book Tutorial 4A LED Controller LED not toggling



I have been making progress with the Zynq tutorials  on Zedboard and currently stuck at the LED_controller_test_tut_4A which is about designing Zynq IP in HDL.

I went through the steps and am able to run the SW application. The console shows me the LED values output but the LEDs are not flashing(not driven).

Is this a known issue with the tutorial files.

I am using Vivado, SDK 2015.4 
LED value: 19
LED value: 20
LED value: 21
LED value: 22
LED value: 23
LED value: 24
LED value: 25
LED value: 26
LED value: 27
LED value: 28
LED value: 29
LED value: 30
LED value: 31

Appreciate your experience or clues before I dig deep.




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Hi @egnanam,

We re-sale this book and are not involved with the creation or maintenance of the tutorials. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge about these tutorials or potential issues. That being said,I would try using run as -> launch on hardware(system debugger) instead of using run as ->launch on hardware(GDB). We do also have a tutorial here that deals with making a custom IP as well.



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