Thanks for the changes in version 3.5.4 it is absolutely fantastic !!:D


Just a few years ago you needed 12 equipment racks of 2m50 high and more than 2000 vacuum tubes and the required air-conditioning to achieve all of this .......(If it was possible at all).

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Hi @HansV,

Glad to hear you like it! I was about to post on one of your other threads talking about some of the features that 3.5.4 implemented (like timestamps on the tags) since I learned about the software update today, but clearly you're already aware of it.

Definitely big thanks and shoutout to @attila, whom, afaik, implemented all of those changes himself. 

And to others who might be reading this thread, if you ever wish that the Digilent WaveForms software had some sort of feature, don't be afraid to suggest/request it. To be fair, we won't offer any promises to implement it, but sometimes we (well, @attila) do.


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