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LINX SPI cant use chip select 0 (GPIO 8)



When using the SPI read/write Vi in the LINX Labview add on, I'm unable to select SPI_CE0 (GPIO8) on my Raspberry PI 3. I'm given an error that says that channel 8 isnt an option. Am I missing something simple, or is channel select 0 not available? SPI_CE1 (GPIO7) is an option, but the touch screen im connected to has two chips and I would like to be able to communicate with both of them.


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Hi @Coleman,

I moved your thread to a section where more linx experienced forum members look. I do not have alot of experience with labview but  Here is a link to how to configure spi. I would also look into using the LabView Makerhub forums here as well. 



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