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Zybod schematic provided is incomplete. Where to get Zybo PCB schematic?

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Some additional info: the blank page actually contains the JTAG and the UART circuitry. If you have any questions on how these circuits are connected, please refer to the ZYBO reference manual. All relevant information on the circuits can be found there. 


Additionally, the ZYBO Getting started guide (https://reference.digilentinc.com/zybo:gsg) will configure the UART to work properly and demonstrates how to program the device over JTAG (the final step). So you can just follow this guide to understand how to use the circuits, instead of researching them in the reference manual.

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I'm not sure why all the secrecy about this interface.  I would like to use the Zybo as the starting point for a much simpler dedicated design using Z010, and would like to include that remote programming capability.  The Zybo bootstraps the process for intial experimentation and until boards can be fabbed and assembled. Is that a problem?  The final design contains a number of application specific components (including a 40 MHz 8 channel ADC) but omits DRAM, uSD card, video, audio and PMOD

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