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NetFPGA problem


hi, I have added two registers in project/reference_switch/include/learning_cam_switch.xml as "debug_to_device" and "debug_to_developer", and used the macros "SWITCH_OP_LUT_DEBUG_TO_DEVICE" and "SWITCH_OP_LUT_DEBUG_TO_DEVELOPER" in op_lut_regs.v.

But when I use "make" to compile the code, there are 2 errors as following:

ERROR:Xst:868 - "../src/learning_cam_switch/op_lut_regs.v" line 168: Index out of range for reg_file_next.
ERROR:Xst:868 - "../src/learning_cam_switch/op_lut_regs.v" line 144: Index out of range for reg_file.

What is the problem?

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