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Nexys 4 - how to implement non mouse/keyboard USB device


I have a Digilent Nexys 4 board with me, and a medical device that provides streaming data via USB slave out, and I understand that my board has a USB HID, but it is connected to a PIC uC which converts it to PS/2 signal for me to use it. I was trying to implement a PS/2 controller to read this but then I came across this post on your forums where a Digilent technician said that video cameras are not supported, only mice and keyboards are.

So I'd like to know how to connect a non mouse, non keyboard USB device to my board. This isn't an easy thing to Google so apologies if the answer was in the open.


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Wouldn't that require the medical device to have an "on-the-go" USB interface, allowing it to be both master and slave?  I would find that ... unlikely.


Another possible solution would be to get a board with a proper USB host interface, such as the ChipKit boards.  You could then interface that to the Nexys-4 if you wanted, but ... you'd still need a board with a proper USB PHY.


P.S.  I was originally going to propose building your own low-speed USB PHY with the Nexys-IO ... then I read about what that would entail.  (Yikes!)  Cheaper/easier to get a board with the PHY on it that you need.

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