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Analog Discovery User Manual


Folks - As a newbie to your products, where do I find and download a User Manual or a Tutorial for the Analog Discovery USB instrument. I have it working but  I can only find the Technical manual and the on-line Help menu. I would like a document I can download and print

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Hello and thanks for the question!


For a user manual, I would recommend the Reference Manual we have on the Digilent Wiki. Here's a link: https://reference.digilentinc.com/analog_discovery:refmanual


For Tutorials, I would recommend our Learn Site. We have a wide variety of Analog Discovery projects and tutorials there. Specifcally, check out the Analog Projects: http://learn.digilentinc.com/list?category=Analog


All of these pages are printable.


I hope you're enjoying your new Analog Discovery!



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