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custom FPGA PCB design help

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I'm using the reference schematics from Basys 3 and AC701 Eval board to create a custom FPGA. I need some help to know:


1. Do I need to use the UCF file during this process of the schematic generation and pcb layout?

2. Any other advice for creating custom FPGAs

3. Where can I find/know the PCB stack?


I have no background in FPGA PCB layout nor FPGA hardware design. Any help is appreciated. 

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To answer your first question; the UCF file is made after the board is already built. The schematic is used to map the pins in the UCF file. To answer your other question; the PCB Design files for the Basys 3 are not open source.


You may find more answers to your questions by going to Contextual Electronics. It is a course on PCB design, and it sounds like you will find extremely helpful.


Let me know if you have any other questions.



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