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problem in storing data into DDR3


Hi there,



I have a zed board and i want store data into DDR3 for my application. The data is in .txt file. I stored it. But when i am reading the data , its giving the wrong values.


Can someone help me?

firstly, Is it correct what i am doing?


thanks in advance


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Are you trying to get floating point numbers into the DDR3 memory separate from and apart from your program?  As in, are you hoping to leave the ARM idle and to read/write these values from your programming logic (PL/RTL) configuration rather than the ARM/CPU/processing side?

The method that would match what you have above is something more like:

float	global_data[] = { M_PI, 2.71728 };

You can extend the array to any length you would like.  Link this with your program, create the ELF file with this in it, and you should be able to get just about any arbitrary sized table into memory.  You can get the address of the beginning of your data from the linker map file.

Does this help?


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