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Analog Discover 1 patterns used in Discover 2


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Hi @mladenik,


I am going to move this forum thread to the section that deals with waveforms and the different test equipment we offer. More experienced community members will be able to assist. It looks like the dwfpattern files are saved as binaries that are specific to each version of waveforms. I was able to change the extension to the .dwf3work and it showed up as  a waveforms 2015 file. The binary looks to be different so the newer version will not recognize it. 



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The project/workspaces are not compatible between the old WaveForms (v2) and the new WaveForms 2015 (v3).

In order to have at the same time installed WF v2 and v3, please install the last version of WF v2 .9.4 from:

This way you can have in front as reference the WF v2 project and the WF v3 at the same time. In case you want, you could export (.csv) data from v2 and import in v3.

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