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I'm looking for PCB design files for the Basys 3. Kindly inform if they are available and where I may find them.


I'm interested in building a custom FPGA using the Artix 7. fortunately, basys 3 is using the Artix 7 and I want to use the board files.


Thank you,

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Hi ShawnmK, 

Alex is correct, although some of Digilent's boards are Open Hardware, the Basys3 is not. 

However, Xilinx has provided a lot of good resources that you may want to explore for the Artix7 http://www.xilinx.com/support/index.html/content/xilinx/en/supportNav/boards_and_kits/artix-7-boards-and-kits/artix-7-fpga-ac701-evaluation-kit.html


Hope that helps, 


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Hello Herve.

The gerber files and the pcb files are not public. We cannot release them. The sheet number 4 was left intentionally blank because that part of design contains proprietary information.

Best regards,


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Dear Bianca,

Thank you for your answer.

Can I know why the Gerber files and the PCB files are not for public?

In case I am still interested to those files for educational and training, is there any protocol that I should follow?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,



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Hi Herve,

They are not public specific for the issue with the blank page. If we release the PCB project and gerbers the wiring of the FTDI and EEPROM becomes public. We are not allowed to do so. 



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