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Zybo + PMOD +C


Hi all, I'm new in Vivado, in these moment I'm working with Zybo and Vivado and I want to know if it's possible use PMOD like JA or JE in SDK in a way like Arduino, it means:

DigitalWrite(pin0, HIGH);

Or something like that, because for the project that I'm developing I need set HIGH or LOW different outputs, for example I need that JA[0] set HIGH and JA [1] set LOW, and I need configure this in main.c

It's simple but I don't know what I need to do for reach this, I appreciate your help.

In some forums I read that it is necessery create HDL in Verilog or VHDL in order to create a custom IP, them add the IP in the block diagram design, determine the constraints, but I didn't understand very well all the steps. I have knowledge in Verilog and ISE, but Vivado it's a little confuse for me.

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Hey Oscar,

This is very doable and actually Digilent made a GPIO Pmod IP for you. If you follow the guide below, you can use the GPIO IP to achieve the behavior you want. Instead of DigitalWrite, you just call GPIO_setPin(Instance ptr, pin, value)


You could also just use your own xilinx GPIO IP and use its functions.


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