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Waveforms and VirtualBox


Hi all.
I just installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 on my notebook (all my life I used Windows).
I installed VirutalBox on my PC and Windows 8.1 x64 on it.
The problem is that I installed the Waveforms on the virtual machine and when I tried to use it, my analog doesn't measure well.
I compared the same measure with a PC running Windows from the HDD and the Analog Discovery works fine.
I don't know what happened. If anyone has any suggestion I would really appreciate it.
Besides, is there a version of WaveForms for Linux (Ubuntu)?
Thank you for your time

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Could you clarify what do you mean by "doesn't measure well" ?

The generated and acquired data by the device should be the same, regardless of the used OS or virtual machine.


To get the cross-platform WaveForms3, please send an email to waveforms at digilentinc dot com.

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