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PmodOled Linux example

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I know, there is great example for Linux application for PmodOled for Zybo. I can find it here. But this is included in Petalinux BSP. If someone is not interested in using Petalinux, then it is painful to install Petalinux just to create project, and extract sources from there.

There is another great page about PmodOled - PmodOled reference manual - where I can find link to examples - Example code . Could someone put there link to example for Zybo? Or alternatively, because Zybo example is for whole PmodPack, maybe this code could be put to the page, where there is this BSP file, for example below it? I would really appreciate that.

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Well, thanks very much for response! But this time I'm not looking for any code, or help with code. I'm just hoping, and kindly asking for linking somewhere pure code, without BSP, from Zybo pmod pack example. So no need to move thread. I hoped, that someone from Digilent would see it there.

BTW, Actually, this what you linked is kernel module, that I had a lot of trouble to make work with latest kernel version. That's why I moved to user space code, that is in Zybo pmod pack example, that I mentioned. And I really recommend that, because this code is not going to be outdated so soon, and also there is possibility to just write letters with it. It handles all things related to generating graphics. Delicious!:) But hard to extract.

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