stream internet using zybo or zedboard

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Good Morning everyone,

Hi ii am relatively new to the FPGA programming and was stuck up with a problem.

I need to stream internet using ZYBO/ Zedboard as an intermediary. the layout would look something like this

SWITCH ---------------------->ZYBO Ethernet port----------->GPIO PINS------------->ANOTHER ZYBO------------------>ETHERNET PORT------------------------> PC

The PC needs to access the internet through the intermediary ZYBO/ ZEDBOARDS. speed is not a concern right now. I need to just get it to work.

I am totally clueless. would appreciate any kind of help provided.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi devilberhra,

Here is a tutorial for setting up an echo server with the zybo. At the bottom of the thread Here is echo.txt where i altered the echo.c to not echo back the  text but instead specific information. You could possibly alter this to send data through ethernet. Hope this helps!



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