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Dubts with image processing ZYBO


Hi everyone!! 

I'm a student and I want to make a project using ZYBO. The project is about counting coins with a webcam.

Can you give me some tips of how can I do it?

I mean, I don't know if i have to run linux first or I just can run it in the zybo. All i have to do is make a pic with a webcam conected via USB and then binaritzate it, and then count the total white surface and thats it. 

Thanks everyone!!

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Hi SergiTriado,

I would suggest using embedded linux vs using zynq with IP's or a strait hdl. Here is an instructable for getting petalinux on your zybo. Here is a xilinx wiki about getting started with petalinux. Here is a quick start guide from our Github. 



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>> I'm a student

Why would you use a Zynq? Is this an "external" requirement? It's not necessarily the easiest platform for a simple concept demo. How about a Raspberry Pi with the default camera? It's pretty convenient to work with, and good bang-for-the-buck, too.

A Zynq would come in when you need FPGA acceleration, hard real time, a part with very far EOL date, non-consumer (industrial / automotive) hardware or the like. Or a supervisor that demands it...

It may be that a simple counting-pixels approach may work. But more often than not, the "simple" tasks are much harder than they look ... students learning this the hard way is a common theme on this forum and others.

You might have a look at this (and search in a "computer vision" context), it's a fairly "straightforward" technique for shape recognition, and differently sized coins are a classical example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hough_transform

"straightforward" in double quotes ... before I try this on FPGA, I better know exactly what I want. Did I mention Raspberry Pi... it has a fairly decent CPU, especially if I make use of the C++ compiler instead of scripting languages (e.g. http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/index.php?title=Main_Page). And this This https://opencv.org/ is one possible starting point.

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