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FMC-HDMI + Zedboard SDSoC Platform


I'm a noob here and I just started developing an application for the Zedboard for my master's thesis.
My professor asked me to us Xilinx SDSoC Development Environment for developing an image processing application. We later discovered we needed an FMC HDMI module to use this platform.
Unfortunately this module is out of stock everywhere and I simply cannot wait 8 weeks for it to arrive. Is it possible to use this module instead with the same SDSoC Development Platform? Or is it possible to modify easily and quickly the platform to use this last module?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello mattdibi,

I'm working in my degree's thesis about image processing application with the Zybo with SDSoC too.

I don't know if you need a camera yes or yes.

But if you don't need this, you can catch the video from the pc/laptop on the HDMI and you can put the image from the FPGA to the screen with the VGA port. 

PC/laptop---using HDMI ---> [ FPGAHDMIport--->processing---> FPGAVGAport] ----> screen


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Hi @RaulRB,
I already came up with this idea, unfortunately the Zedboard supports the HDMI onboard only as output.
I could go the other way around:
PC/laptop---using VGA ---> [ FPGAVGAport--->processing---> FPGAHDMIport] ----> screen
But I don't think the Zedboard SDSoC Platform that comes with SDSoC support this... am I wrong? (I'm not exactly an expert with SDSoC)

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Hi mattdibi,

Sorry I have never used this project... Maybe the solution is easy, buy i don't know it


If this help you for your project or for researching for your project, i have done this steps:

I start with this project https://github.com/Digilent/SDSoC-platforms/tree/master/2015.4/zybo_hdmi_in

But the  flow for this design:

1- Made the hardware platform in Vivado that you need for your project (in this step you can put the ip cores: VGA, HDMI  and dma's)

2- export the hardware files and ports (you have this explanation in SDSoC platform manual)

3- then in SDSoC make a new project using the exported platform in the step 2

4- Make all the code



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