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BNC Oscilloscope Probes for Analog Discovery 2

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I just wanted to know if there are any special considerations/requirements/recommendations with regards to selecting Oscilloscope Probes for the Analog Discovery 2?

Would this be a good option?

Note that I am aware of the Digilent Probes (made for this purpose), but they are not an option in my case.


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The Discovery 2 has 1M and 24pF. You need something to compensate the 24pF. What I don't understand from the datasheet of the probes, is what are they referring to when they say compensating range. The probes should have a 9M input resistance, they say 10. 10 should be the 1M from the Discovery + 9 from the probes, not 10 on the probes. Are they referring that the probes can compensate anything from 10-60pF? in that case, the probes should work. Do they refer to the whole, probes + cable? Then it might cause some problems. I saw on our probes review that even with them the user had some issues with compensating. We can't guarantee that it will be ok.

The probes that will work with discovery are the ones that can compensate the 24pF. That is what you should be looking for. 



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