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Arty and Analog Shield


Has anyone used the Analog Shield with the Arty.

The Arty states on its ChipKit interface:

  "Note: The Arty is not compatible with shields that output 5V digital or analog signals. Driving pins on the Arty shield connector above 5V may cause damage to the FPGA. "

Looking at the schematics, it seems like using the SPI to drive the DACs and read the ADCs on the "Analog Shield" shouldn't be a problem from the "Arty", however that disclaimer makes me think otherwise.  Given the "Analog Shield" has +/-7.5VDC supplies, I am hesitant to purchase an "Analog Shield" for use with the Arty.

Any incites would be greatly appreciated.  If they are compatible boards, that would be a very convenient combination.

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Hi pjb_ngnr,

The analogshield will work with the Arty. Although you need to make sure you set JP1 on the Analogshield to IQref or 3.3V but do not have it set to 5V. 



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