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Hi, Diligent Inc:

Fedex China reported to us that our ordered PYNQ-Z1+ Accessory Kit is delivered without PYNQ-Z1 board at all. This is unbelievable. The Fedex Employee even helped to take a picture for us: pynq-z1.jpg

I didn't see the PYNQ-Z1 board indeed.

We have two options:

1) Return the board right away and hopefully to get the money back.

2) Wait for digilent to deliver a PYNQ-Z1.


So far, the parcel is still at the Customers, and it seems Fedex has already (or not yet) returned it... Just wonder: who I should look for about this delivery?


Thank you very much

Best Regards





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For those reading this Forum thread, our Sales team is working with this customer internally to get this issue appropriately resolved.

Thank you,

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