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Documentation on electronics explorer





The electronics explorer is a wonderful instrument, no doubt, but there's something that needs to be adressed.


I would say "the documentation is awful", but it would be a blatant lie, because there is no documentation (Forgive my cheekiness).


For the last few days I´ve been learning how to use it by trial and error,  looking at the 3 examples present on the website and figuring out more or less what's going on.


There is no quick start guide, no reference manual and the closest to any documentation on how to use the board comes from the RealAnalog videos in which the board is used but some of us have no time to see.


It would be great to have a decent-sized pdf with all the necessary information so some of us can munch it up in a couple of hours and power up the beast straight away to whatever proyects or assignments we're up to!

Again, forgive my cheekiness and I hope this helps build a better and more consumer ready product. 



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Yes, there is no documentation currently available for the Electronics Explorer board at this time. However, one of the employees here at Digilent has been working on the documentation that you (and others) would very much like to have including a getting started guide, a reference manual, and various projects. 


I personally do not when these will become available, but I expect this will be sometime in the near future. 


I'll let you know when I find out anything more.




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Yes, we are furiously working to get the documentation live. 

If you want to track our progress, you can take a look on our wiki : http://reference.digilentinc.com



We are hoping to get the reference manual out soon for edit/ looking at. 


Do you have any specifics we can help you answer in the mean time?



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