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Good day,

I'm a MEng Student and I want to participate at Digilent Design Contest 2017.

The organizers suggested me choosing a development board specified in their list which includes Arty Z7-10 and Arty Z7-20 (they also suggested me to contact Digilent for more information regarding the availability of these two development platforms).

In a few days, I need to decide which development board I'll use for the contest (I specify the model of the board and they will handle the purchase process).

My question is: Is either of  Arty Z7-10 or Arty Z7-20 available at the moment? (at least for a candidate for Digilent Design Contest 2017)?

Thank you in advance!

Edited by Mihai-Corneliu Cristescu

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Hi Mihai-Corneliu Cristescu,

In this situation the best course of action would be to contact the design contest cordinator here about the Arty Z7-10 and Arty Z7-20. 



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