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How to get a negative value with PMODAD1



I'm using the PMODAD1 ip core given by digilent and try to build a project using basys3 FPGA board. first i have create a simple 1 kHz sin wave with +/- 1V amplitude from Digilent Analog Descovery2 and use a PMODAD1 at 50 kHz sampling rate. when I read the integer value from the AD1 I got only the positive values, my question is:

1. Is the exemple given with the IP core is using 12-bits ADC?

2. What should I do to read a positive and negative value from the AD1?

I'm using the c programme given as exemple withe PMODAD1 IP core.


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Hey Billel,

Unfortunately looking the datasheet  of the AD here, it looks like it does not have a bi polar mode. However since your signal has a peak to peak value of 2, you can bias its ground to 1 V. So your sin wave signal should look like a sin wave going from 0 to 2V. Then in your logic you can subtract 1 V from all of your reading to receive negative values. 

Since you are working with the basys you could also use the XADC core which has a bipolar mode if you are not attached to the PmodAD1. However you will again need to transform your input to have a peak to peak voltage of 1 V.

- Sam

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