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Nexys4 DDR windows 10 USB install problems


What usb device drivers should be installed? What are their names? Where do they come from? Xilinx? Digilent? Microsoft? Arduino?

When I plug nexys4_ddr board into windows 10 computer, it installs FTDI drivers called "usb serial converter" and has two ports A and B
These drivers are obviously wrong because the computer makes a sound as if the USB driver is with drawing and reattaching, over and over again.
In my experience this is because the board is drawing too much power or the cable is bad.
The port works fine with other devices and the cable is the one that shipped with the nexys4 ddr.
Here is a youtube video of the problem with more detail: 


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Have you tried using a known, good, USB cable?  As you mentioned, the USB cable could be bad.

I'm not a Windows 10 user, but a Linux user, but I do know that the serial port standard they are using connects to a very generic serial port driver.  This leads me to believe that many USB serial port drivers exist which should be able to work without a problem, and that perhaps it is your cable that is an issue.


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Hi Sfoerster,

The FTDI drivers called "usb serial converter" that has two ports A and B are correct. My experience when the usb connects/disconnects multiple times the cable is the issue as dan suggested. Have you tried a different cable? The tutorial for the board files are hereHere is our resource page for the Nexys 4 ddr. 

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