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Convert rgb2dvi IP from 8-bit input to the 12-bit input


 Hi everyone,

Currently I am working with Genesys 2 board. My sensor output is 12-bit each component. My output design is attached below. I am using HDMI output. I collect the rgb2dvi IP form the "HDMI example". But the problem is that it only supports 8-bit input component. So, I have to convert output 12-bit component to 8-bit component at "AXI_video_out" IP. But, I think this type of convert mechanism degrading my output image quality.

How can I convert the "vid_pData[23:0]" to "vid_pData[39:0]" at "rgb2dvi"?

Any suggestion will be really helpful. 




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Hi Rappy,

You can edit the rgb2dvi ip to take in p_data[39:0]. Right click on the IP and select edit in ip packager. Once you have made the changes you want to the IP you then re-package and update the ip in vivado. Hope this helps!




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