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Using JTAG-SMT2 in system with mixed Virtex 5, Kintex 7 and Spartan 6 JTAG chain



We're designing several boards that have a mixture of XIlinx Fpgas.  One such board has multiple Virtex 5's, a Kintex 7 and a Spartan 6.

We want to use a JTAG-SMT2 board to both configure the Fpgas and then use Chipscope for debugging.  This means that all the Fpgas would be on a single JTAG chain.

Has this been done before?  Should a configuration like this work?  We would be driving (via USB) the JTAG-SMT2 from an embedded linux processor and use the ADEPT SDK for configuration as well as implementing USB over Ethernet so that the Xilinx debug tools could run seamlessly on a laptop.



Marc Howard

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Hi Marc,

You will be able to configure and talk to the boards using chipscope. I know that you can debbug them individually but in not sure if you would be able to debbug multiple boards at the same time. We have used the JTAG-SMT2 with embedded linux on a raspberry pi but not with any other types of embedded linux.  



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