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AD2: Simultaneous DigitalOut and DigitalIO


We are currently using an AD2 as a data acquisition device in a configuration in which an external trigger is delayed by the DigitalOut device and then routed to one of the AnalogIn channels to trigger the latter.  The DigitalOut generates its trigger on digital i/o line 0.

We now wish to use some of the other digital i/o lines for simple i/o.

The question is can we do both things at once: namely, trigger digital i/o channel 0 with the DigitalOut device while using digital i/o lines 1-15 as simple Digital I/O devices?

Our guess is that we can use lines 1-15 for digital input but not digital output.  We'd very much appreciate any insight into this issue.

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The Digital-Out, In and IO functions are multiplexed in the device to use the same physical pins.
The Digital-In and Digital-IO input functions are always available.
For output, the Digital-IO has priority over the Digital-Out. When a pin is configured from Digital-IO with output enable it takes control of this pin. The pins without output enable from Digital-IO can be controlled from Digital-Out.

FDwfDigitalIOOutputEnableSet(hif, 0xFF00) // DIO 15...8 is controlled by Digital-IO
FDwfDigitalOutEnableSet(hif, idx, true) // DIO/idx 0..7 can be controlled from Digital-Out

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