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Zynq 7000 JTAG debugger


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Hi mikearmagedon,

I know for certain that the last three you listed (PICkit 3, MPLAB ICD 3, and MPLAB REAL ICE) will not work with the Zybo; they are specifically designed to debug PIC chips from Microchip, which the Zybo does not contain.

I am not certain about the BusBlaster. I suspect that it does not debug the Zybo since I have not heard of any 3rd party debuggers working with our board. 

I don't fully know what you are needing in terms of requirements, but what I would probably recommend is using the Vivado ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) that comes with the free Vivado WebPack edition from Xilinx, which you can use to program the Zybo.


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Hi JColvin,


Thanks for the answer.


I'm looking to debug the Zybo's ARM cores using JTAG interface. Can I achieved that with an ILA core?

Should I just map the JTAG pins from the ARM cores to some I/O available on the board, assuming I could do that.

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More complete question.
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Hi  mikearmagedon,

I just checked with someone that is more informed on this topic and I was wrong about needing to use the ILA. Just use the onboard usb jtag debugger and the arm dap is in the scan chain automaticly next to the FPGA fabric. You should be to see this in the vivado hw manager. 

To debug code ect... you should be using SDK and it will automaticly detect the jtag interface and use it.



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