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FPGA Boards for Power Measurements of the power Consumption of an IP


I kindly ask you to send me information about FPGA boards with the ability to measure the power consumed by the IP.
kindly note that the aim of this question is to have a board that supports the power consumption measurements on the FPGA itself .
So please inform me if is it available such kinds of fpga boards with this features to evaluate the power consumption.

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Here's the page you are looking for, together with the reference page describing what I'm talking about.  I think you'll find a discussion you are looking for in section three of the reference manual.  Other Digilent products may also have this capability, I'm not the authority on all Digilent projects.  I just wanted to make certain you were looking at this one.


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I have a genesys2 board, I am trying to read power consumption of fpga using the embedded power monitor indicated in the reference manual. However, I do not know how to access the recorded values by the power monitor and log them into .csv file. I also would like to sample power consumption values, along with temperature and other internal signal values. For temperature I use xadc, for internal signals monitoring  I use ilacore, I was wondering how to sample power consumption simultaneously with the other measurements.





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