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License problems with ISE 14.7 and Vivado 2014.4


I have had the BASYS 2 board for some time and just got BASYS 3.  Using both at same time.


Problem is that after I installed Vivado 2014.4 and installed license, now ISE Design Suite 14.7 will not generate a bit file for my BASYS 2.  It seems to be aware that I have the BASYS 3, but forgot about my BASYS 2.


Not sure if I did something wrong when I aquired the new license, some how disabled old license, or if this is a real issue that the two softwares do not live well together.


Attached the error that I see.


This is on Windows 8.1.


Seems that both softwares are using C:.Xilinx/Xilinx.lic when looking for license.  Could older license have been overwritten?


Your help would be appreciated.  Thanks a lot.


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Well I solved it, but don't know if this is the official way to do it.


I had the old Xilinx.lic file save somewhere else and I copied it to C:.Xilinx directory, but renamed it oldXilinx.lic and both ISE and Vivado read both files and problem is solved.


Is this the way to go about it or should I be doing this some other way?



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Thanks for your input on how you solved it.


I've personally never had a problem with running both Vivado and Ise but I always make sure to save each license in their respective directories.


It sounds like they were just looking in the same directory for the same file name but Vivado found an ISE license. So potentially all you would have had to do was manually select the old license for ISE.


It's hard to say without knowing where the files were saved.

Glad you solved it!



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