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JTAG-HS3, FT232 chip erased


Hello, I have used the digilent JTAG-HS3 programmer simultaneously with other device with FT232H chip and I have probably erased by accident the FT232 chip on Digilent module or there is a problem with drivers - the device is still recognized as Digilent USB serial converter by the system so I think is not damaged, but the cable is not visible in xilinx software. Could you please help me?

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I guess I have the same problem. I've been using 3 digilent JTAG-HS3 programmers simultaneously and one of those FT232H chips has probably been erased by accident. I used FT Prog to check the device and I can see following.


EEPROM seems to be missing and properties are missing Digilent values.


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