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Daniel Rech

How do I compile dwfcmd.h


I found the dwfcmd in /usr/share/digilent/waveforms/samples/dwfcmd/dwfcmd.cpp.

How do I compile this file?

g++ throws many errors starting with "ISO C++ forbids forward references to 'enum' types" and "use of undeclared identifier".

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Hi Daniel,

I guess you haven't specified the include and library paths?

Well this is what seems to work here:

# copy to /tmp and cd to it so we are able to write as normal user
$ cp -r /usr/share/digilent/waveforms/samples/dwfcmd /tmp/ && cd /tmp/dwfcmd

# actual compile
$ g++ -o dwfcmd dwfcmd.cpp -I/usr/include/digilent/waveforms/ -ldwf

BTW: Have you seen this github repository? https://github.com/michael-christen/digilent_interface


Edited by ballessay
added github link

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