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"Getting Started with Zynq" - no STDIO messages




Just got my Zybo board and tested it with this tutorial. Everything went perfectly well, beside the 2nd part of the last step - didnt get any messagees when pressing the buttons.(I enabled the STDIO via the debug configurations, see attached snapshot)


11.4) The demo will be running on the ZYBO. Try playing around with the 4 switches. Doing so should light its respective LED. Also over the serial port, each button press will produce the message “button x pressed”








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Hi Altus,

The serial terminal setting should be 

Terminal Settings:
   -Baud: 115200
   -Data bits: 8
   -Parity: no
   -Stop bits: 1

from your attached picture it looks like you are at 9600 for the baud rate.

thank you,


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