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Does the PMOD shield for Uno work with the ChipKit WF32


Good Day,

I'm thinking of picking up the LabView Physical Computing kit that includes the Microchip PIC...i.e. the ChipKit WF32. I saw that there is a PMOD shield for the UNO standard, but it doesn't say specifically that it is supported on this ChipKit board. It only mentions some of the older boards. Does this shield work properly with this ChipKit? It would be great if it did, as I have a ton of PMODs that I bought for my Nexys4 DDR. My son would love to use them with ChipKit.




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Hi @dnovick,

Unfortunately the PMOD Shield isn't compatible with the WF32. While it has the same footprint as the UC32, there are two jumpers on the UC32, JP6 and JP8, that the PMOD Shield connects to. Because of this, the shield can't physically sit on the WF32 as there is a USB port sitting in the way.

You might be able to remove those headers from the shield however, as they are pass through jumpers so you can select whether you'd like pins 9 and 11 to function as analog inputs A4 and A5 or as I2C signals SDA and SCL for the UC32. You won't be able to use the I2C pins at J2 on the Shield, but I don't see another reason why this cannot/should not be done.

I hope this helps you!

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