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Basys3 drivers and multiple users.


I'm setting up a room full of Basys3 FGPAs using Xilinx Vivado WebPack 2016.3.  I install the software and after completion I plug in the Basys3.  It seems that 4 drivers install,  When a student logs in, it seems to want to install the USB to Serial driver again but never does.

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Hi Radd,

What OS are you using? I am using windows 8.1.  So when the Basys 3 is the only thing connected and turned on if you have windows go to the device manager and look at the com port and usb and there should be one com port and two USB serial Converter A and B through FTDI as shown below. Also verify that you have the most recent driver version with driver date 3/9/2016 as shown below.

Thank you,




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Hi Jon,

Thanks so much for posting.  We are using W7 that belong to a domain.  I am going to have to do some checking to see what's there, but I know that when I hook up the Basys 3 under my account (which is an administrator) there seems to be 4 drivers that install.  The Converter A & B, USB to Serial and I don't remember the fourth.  When My students log in as a standard user, it tries to reload the USB to serial driver and never does.  I'll go back to get some more info and driver versions.  Thanks again.



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