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You can run multiple AD2s simultaneously in Waveforms 2015. When Waveforms begins, it will have you select a device to use. If you have 2 or more AD2s plugged in, you can open another instance of Waveforms, and it will have you select another device, with the first one labeled as being used by another application. You can run these windows independently of each other and scope signals at the same time.

If you are powering your scopes from your computer, you want to be wary that you aren't exceeding the power limits your computer is capable of. One of the better upgrades the AD2 has in comparison with its sibling is the ability to power the device with a wall wart, so you don't even need to worry about power use in that case. You are really only limited by the USB specifications then, which say you can have a max of 127 connected devices. In reality, because you'll have to use some USB hubs (because I don't know of any system that has 127 USB ports), the actual number of devices you can use will be 127-#ofHubs.

Hope this info helps you!

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