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We went offline briefly today for some updates and to add new features!
First, there is an image gallery! You can upload and share pictures of your projects, or pictures of something you have a question about for our support forum.

We also have added a new forum, Buy, Sell, Trade. If you have anything you'd like to buy, sell or trade, this is the place to do it. All arrangements are made on the user's terms and is not sponsored by Digilent.
If you have any suggestions about how we can make our community better, we invite your feedback in Suggestions.

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  • 2 months later...

As you can see, we also updated our forum today to a new server so everything should run a little smoother and faster.

However we also lose all of our customization during upgrades, but it'll be back to the green forum that you know and love by early next week. :)

Thanks for understanding!


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