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Nexys Video HDMI with audio


Hi all,

I've got the Nexys Video and plan on creating an HDMI pass through with audio extraction. I've seen the IP provided from Digilent called dvi2rgb but i don't see any support for the audio that can be carried in the HDMI stream in this IP. First off is the Nexys Video capable of passing through the audio as well as video with the right IP? And if so is that IP Digilents? If not could someone point me to some IP (preferably created by Digilent) that can support audio?

I have been trying to find some but a little help to clarify some things would be great.


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Hi Boscoe,

The Nexys Video is capable of having audio with the HDMI. We have not created any demo's or tutorials that incorporate the audio in the HDMI. One of our community members Hamster has many completed projects here. He has an hdmi with audio project using the Nexys Video here with the files here at his github. Hope this helps!



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