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Using PMOD Modules



I'm using a Deca MAX 10 FPGA evaluation kit. I want to transfer the data from my evaluation kit to my system and vice-versa, but the Kit only has USB OTG but no UART module so I'm thinking of connecting a PMOD USB to UART module to the GPIO pins in my kit for making the transfer possible. Is it possible to convert the GPIO pins to the PMOD pins in order to connect the PMOD module ? Can anyone please help me in this ? 


Swarnava Pramanik 

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Hello Swarnava,

Yes the PmodUSBUART here would be able to facilitate the comunnication. I have included some VHDL files if you were doing this in code only. We use xilinx software so i am not familar with using Altera's Nios. My understanding is that it is similar to microblaze. If that is true then you should be able to have the uart module connect to external rx and tx and then constrain the variables for rx and tx that is created in the wrapper. Hope this helps!






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