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JTAG-SMT as USB-serial converter?



I've got an ARTY board and I find the USB connection incredible useful, as it allows to use only one connection to program the FPGA through JTAG while simultaneously act as an USB to serial converter.


So, I also bought a JTAG-SMT2-NC to fit into a custom board and it's a very convenient way to program my FPGA, but... is it possible for it to act as the module that fits on the ARTY, and make it be recognized by the PC as a USB-serial converter, using its GPIO pins as the interface with the FPGA, as the ARTY does?

That would be really great, but I think it's not possible, is it?

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Can you get access to the USER JTAG commands from within the JTAG-SMT2-NC?

If so, then I have an interface which can turn a JTAG port into something resembling a serial port.  One difference is that you must poll the JTAG via its USER interface to get any data out of it, and you will get a data byte out anytime you do so--so you'll need a byte that means "idle", but that's been okay for me since I usually know when I'm going to be getting data out and I can poll at those times.


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