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Lattice software and Lattice project board


I went with using Lattice Diamond 2016 software and I have an older 

2005 MACH XO Breakout project board I think this supports prototyping,

but would this board support working with really basic simple FPGA projects?

Can I still use this forum for none Xilinx projects,  Lattice only supports College students and businesses and the 

regular guy wanting to learn FPGA is almost left in the cold, not quite.

I like the Diamond software menu, it seems to better support older chip compilers etc, is why I went back to Lattice.

With my MachXO board it has a USB cable but Im thinking would it need a driver, I dont really understand how Im supposed to get the

correct driver and need some help please.


Im stuck on learning VHDL code, is there any latest books covering this, please provide ISBN number.

I finally figured out as far as code goes, do you use a text editor to:

Create VHDL/Verilog code, Edit code?

Do the beginners projects teach simple code to learn code?

Just a newbie :)


Thank you


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Hi Traymond,

Here is a link to some text books and tutorials. We also have many vhdl and verilog demos here in the fpga area under the different fpga boards as well as some of the different Pmods have example code as well such as the PmodGYRO.  Unfortunately, any issues with you have with the MachXO board I would suggest to talk to Lattice's support. 



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