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delayed/expanded triggering



I have an analog discovery with the 2015 firmware, 3.2.6 on a 64bit machine.

I need to trigger on a waveform(a good solid edge, like a reset deassert), then zoom in on a glitch about 450ms post trigger.  By "zoom in" I mean expand the timebase so I can see the nature of the glitch.  With the single timebase setting, there is inadequate granularity to see what might be going on.  See attached pic. 

Can analog discovery do this?  If so, how?


if a different product is needed, please suggest it. 



elecrow glitch investigation.jpg

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Hi Tim,

There is a zoom feature available with waveforms that i believe will give you the functionality that you are looking for.  The reference manual here shows how to add it. Easiest way to find the information is to cntrl-f the page and search for zoom. Hope this helps!



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The Zoom view enlarges a portion of the acquisition but to capture a higher resolution acquisition:
- in case this 450 ms is stable set the time position to 450ms and reduce the base, then take a new acquisition
- otherwise press the down arrow after trigger level to see the advanced options and configure the trigger for glitch using negative pulse with less than option


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