does NetFPGA SUME bundled with a device locked Vivado license?

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I founded that the Vviado v2014.4 Webpack edition didn't support the device Virtex7 690 which is mounted on NetFPGA SUME board. I would like to know how I could got the license to proceed the study with NetFPGA SUME.  I know a device locked license is usually provided with the development FPGA board. But I can't find the information on the box and fayer. Please help me to got the license.  Thanks for reply.

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Hello sieg70,

It is right. Virtex 7 is not supported by the Vivado WebPack edition. In order to have it work you should purchase the Design Edition. In the meantime you can try the 30 days free for the design edition. Regarding the device locked licence, it is usually bought separately. I have checked and unfortunately we don't have a device locked Vivado voucher for Virtex 7. I think more information about pricing and licences you could get from Xilinx.

Best regards,


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