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I have the JTAG-HS1 Rev.A cable, installed the AVR Programmer, connect pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO, /RESET, VCC, GND) of chip Atmel ATMEGA128 to cable. Manually entered the device settings and tried to read the Fuses/Lock Bits.

But message prompted

Creating SPI communication interface


Entering programming mode

Failed in high speed mode, trying low speed mode

**Error - Unable to place device into programming mode    

Is the problem due to cable driver (Device Manager reflects USB Serial Converter A & B) or the chip?

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The AVR programmer is an application that was made primarily for Digilent boards with AVR. It was not updated since 2006. I don't know if it is or if it should be compatible with the newest microcontrollers. From what I've seen ATMEGA 128 is not included in device list and I saw that is a quite new microcontroller (2011).

I will ask my colleagues who have a bit more experience with this software and AVR.



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Unfortunately, The AVR programmer support the following silicon:











I’ve attached a document that describes how to create device files. It’s possible that a customer may be able to read the attached document and then write their own device file for the ATmega128 .

Digilent AVR Part Description File Specification.pdf

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I've created the device file and put in the designated folder, but I am still getting the Error - Unable to connect to SPI device

To communicate with the device, should I connect the programming cable (JTAG-HS1) to the JTAG pins or to the SPI pins of the device?

Although I've tried both sets of pins but still not able.

Any advice?


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