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I would like to buy the Zybo board and mainly use it for the arm cpu development (for now),  the PJTAG will be exported thru the emio pins.

so I would need the "Logic Level Shifter"  pmod and a jtag programmer?

and if so can you recommend me a jtag programmed that would suited my needs?

thank you


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Hi Hananz,

Most likely you will need the PmodLVLSHFT (the Logic Level Shifter Pmod) to go with the JTAG programmer. I don't personally have a recommendation for which JTAG programmer to use, so I have asked some of our applications engineers to offer some more feedback.

I'll also ask some of our applications engineers to provide some more clarity on this, but from my understanding you would need to configure the PL in order to be able to configure the ARM portion of the Zynq via PJTAG through EMIO pins, so perhaps it might be better to program the PS through the "normal" USB/JTAG port on the Zybo since you aren't required to program any of the PL. But again, I'll ask some applications engineers for some more clarity on this to make sure I'm offering accurate advice.


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Hi Hananz,

To debug both the ps and pl you can use the EMIO pins. You would first need to set a specific jumper pre turn on. Then you would need to program the PL and then then route the EMIO pins to a jtag port. By routing the EMIO pins to a JTAG port you would not need a  "Logic Level Shifter". So at this point you could use the JTAG HS2 to connect to the JTAG port you have routed the EMIO pins to. If all you want to deal with is the PS then you can set the JTAG/USB to cascade and connect to the PS that way using the Xilinx tools.

thank you,


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